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Handmade Hardwood Pepper Mills

bob pen

Pepper out of a pepper shaker just isn't the same as fresh ground pepper.

The problem with good pepper mills is that there is no variety in the normal retail outlets and even less in the commercial. They are almost exclusively rosewood, maple or clear acrylic. The mechanisms vary from good quality to absolute flimsy. In the commercial trade they are virtually all rosewood, but at least you know the mechanisms meet professional standards.

Bob makes his pepper mils from an extensive variety of hardwoods and in some cases combines hardwoods for interesting contrasting wood designs. Many of the individually designed and personally turned pepper mills are often even more distinct by inlaying the pepper mill with stone. Turquoise is always popular.

All grinder mechanisms are of the highest quality of stainless steel. All hardwoods selected are food safe. All mills have an adjustment knob for the coarseness of pepper grind.

Bob's pepper mills range in size from 4 inches to 10 inches in two-inch increments; the only difference being in the amount of pepper the mill holds. In his restaurants he often had 14 or 18 inch mills to prevent "souvenir" loss. Bob designs and turns all of his mills. However, he says that if any of his customers have their own design he is open to turning that for them.


Bob's focus is on the pepper mill, but he can easily provide a matching salt shaker as well. At this time he is not turning salt mills as they require a different type grinding mechanism. As their popularity increases he will probably be doing these and nutmeg grinders as well.

Bob comes from a family of scholars connected with the University of Chicago. His younger brother is dean of a university, a Harvard Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. Bob and his brother always exchange esoteric gifts at Christmas. When his brother learned that Bob made pepper mills he would settle for nothing less. So whether you're having Caesar Salad or Sausage and Gravy over biscuits, fresh ground pepper makes a world of difference.

All of these high quality peppermills range in price from $ 135 to  $155 based on heigth of mill. Combined wood mills or inlay mills will be accomodated on an individual quote basis.

bob pen


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