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Why Choose a Custom Turned Pen?

bob pen

Turned pens make a treasured gift as they are beyond the means of many due to the cost of often exotic materials and the time involved crafting each individual writhing instrument. Pens are unique in that they are a gift that is used on a daily basis and viewed by many in the user's presence.They make a statement about the individual's tastes or interests.

Everybody has their favorite pizza restaurants, but more and more people are doing their pizzas at home home in some cases to satisfy their creative pizzeria chef desires. Whether your pizza interest in duplicating the Italian classics or in any of the "designer" pizzas a roller cutter is a handy addition. It is equally great for cutting quesadillas.

Comparing this Pizza cutter with those available at normal retail outlets is like comparing a J.A. Henckels or Wusthof chefs knife with a TV advertised special. Most pizza rolling cutters weigh about 6 ounces. Bob's pizza cutters are 15 ounces. This heft will easily cut through the deepest of deep dish pizzas with ease.

Bob's wood pens cover a wide variety of woods from the exotics to native hardwoods. Many of the wood pens are burls or spalted woods or other woods with unique grain patterns such as birds eyes or curling. Some pens have been made by combining two different woods to create interesting designs. Some pens are color infused and some have stone inlay. One of the popular pens is Bob's cholla cactus pen inlayed with turquoise.

In addition to the woods, many pens are made out of exotic materials such as rattlesnake skin, deer antler, or water buffalo horn or even rifle bullets. One fella brought Bob deer antler and the 30.06 shell casing from his son's first deer and Bob made a pen out of it to commemorate the occasion.

Moreover, acrylics and similar materials have opened up a whole new world of spectacular pen designs and rich vibrant colors and in some cases aromas.

As varied as the pen materials are so be it with the styles of pen mechanisms. Pens vary in widths and lengths and workings, twist, click or screw cap. Similarly, pens vary in metal components, gold plate, chrome, titanium, and platinum finishing and even some electro plated copper. The writing instrument may be a ball point, roller ball, or a fountain pen.

Pens can be further personalized with with individual names, dates or logos placed on the body of the pen the clip or even on a protective storage case. For many pens specialty clips are available for profession, sport, or interests. Two of the more popular are the the caduceus (medical symbol) and the praying hands; the fish and the rifle are always popular.

One of the interesting requests was that a man brought Bob a piece of cherry wood that had come from a tree in the front yard of the home that he, his brother and sister had grown up in. After stabilizing the wood Bob made a pen for each them as a remembrance piece. It could have just as easily been made out of Mom's old cutting board or the old front door. Likewise it could just as easily be part of the old school house or the tree where Dad proposed to Mom.

A turned pen makes a perfect business gift. It says quality and to give it says, You are important to us". Whether it be to a valued customer or as an employee recognition piece for performance or seniority, it will be treasured. These gifts can be as is, with an accompanying mechanical pencil, with or without individual's name or company logo. Desk sets are also available.

All of Bob's pens and/ or pencils can come in a variety of protective covers, from hardwood cases to leather felt covers. Deerskin has been real popular with both the antler pens aw well as the bullet pens.


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